Wear Purple!!

My blog has been down the past 2 days due to issues with Blogger, but hopefully all will be restored soon. In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that Sunday May 15th is MPS Awareness Day. Purple is the color of courage and has been adopted as the color to for MPS diseases.  Please wear something purple or make a purple ribbon on Sunday.  Join us in supporting all of the families who have a child with MPS.  Help us raise awareness.

MPS Awareness Day 2010


Erin said…
Hi Shannon,
I just wanted to say again how great of a day Wavey had. She had a rough final 15 minutes of the day, but that was the first of the crying. Especially after our party in 1st grade, she was all smiles and smacks on my head (something she only does when she's laughing or very happy - so i take it as a good thing, and do what i can to keep those smacks coming). I know she was upset by the time we got to the bus, and i hope her night is getting better. We had to leave Mrs. Lynch's class to go to lunch before all the kids had finished their bracelets. Justin went back in after lunch to check up and he said there were kids very upset that they couldn't put oliver's name on their bracelets, or they put the letters of waverly's name backwards. Waverly and Oliver mean so much to that class, as well as the rest of the school. Maureen and i went around to get pictures with all the kids in purple and the kids came running every time we came to the door. In short, they are loved at Vienna ES.

I haven't made a habit of commenting here because I feel like it's more Courtney's place as her teacher, than mine. But given how big today was for wave and the school, and that Courtney wasn't there, I wanted to make sure you knew how her day was. it was great.

I took some pictures in the afternoon. she was so full of giggles. the lights were off and i didn't want to use a flash, so most are really blurry because she moves a lot when she's laughing. but i did get a few clear ones. if you'd like them, let me know and i'll send them from my gmail.

have a great weekend,


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