House News - Almost There

We are getting so close to getting the house!! Yesterday, we received the approval letter from the second bank. We are waiting for the approval letter from the first bank and then we are ready to schedule closing. It could be any day now!! I know my stress level is going to sky rocket in the coming weeks with everything we are going to have to do, but it will all be worth it. Thanks for hanging in there with our family and for helping us get to this point.


Aubrey. said…
So stoked for you four!
Tracey said…
So glad for you.. read your blog often and pray for you daily..
Anonymous said…
Just checked your blog. Great photos. Still praying for your house paperwork. I marvel at your words of love and grace. You are such an encouragement. Loved hearing about your trip to Disney from you Mom. Brenda Noll

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