Photo Memories

Over the past few days I have been fighting with our computer to save photos. It is a few years old and we ran out of memory. In order to keep the computer in working order, I had to move the photos onto an external hard drive (and a flash drive to be doubly sure). I then had to delete the photos from our computer. A simple task, but emotionally difficult. I take a lot of photos and video of Waverly & Oliver, knowing I will find great comfort in them for the rest of my life. Losing them would be devastating, so I am thankful to have been able to back them up.

As I went through over 8 years of photos, I couldn't help but be transported to the past. To moments before Sanfilippo entered our vocabulary. I sometimes forget just how much Sanfilippo has physically changed the kids. The "coarse features" that are often described of children with Sanfilippo have become more visible. I was especially struck when looking back at pictures of Oliver.

My photo have decreased over the past few months, so I grabbed my camera as we headed down to the National Mall on Saturday's unusually warm afternoon. I was able to capture some lovely moments.


Kate said…
I ran across this today and thought of you ... Just thought I'd pass along the info ... Maybe something to do on a cold afternoon!!

Praying for good news about the house!

Kate Brown

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