Very early this morning we received word that the first bank's approval letter has been received. Both approval letters are in hand and we are ready to close on the house. We are already working with our realtor to schedule inspection and we had already begun to get the loan officially in place. Hopefully we will be closing within the next 30 days!!!

This has been an incredibly long process (9 months!), however we felt this house offered everything we need to accommodate our family and the kids' needs.

We would never be in a position to buy this home without the help of my college roomies, Kamarah & Michele. Right after Waverly & Oliver were diagnosed they asked me what they could do to help our family. In a list of worries, affording a home in the very expensive housing market of Northern Virginia stuck out to them and they wanted to get us a home. A few years later, thanks to them and everyone who donated to "A Hundred for a Home", we are in the final stretch. Thank you all for making this happen.

Please pray, send positive thoughts and energy our way, as we get through this last step. Closing on a home is rarely easy and we have a lot to get in place before we can officially call it our home. Thank you!!


bearie1 said…
How exciting! Congratulations. Elaine
Pamela said…
Woo hoo! What great news! Praying you're into your new house SOON.

ON a different note, I read this article the other day and immediately thought of you and your beautiful children: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/46168614/ns/today-today_pets_and_animals/t/lucas-juno-special-bond-rescue-dog-dying-boy/#.TyhWOfnXQo7

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