Waverly's Weekend Adventure

Waverly was at Jill's House this weekend. As usual, she was thrilled to arrive and all smiles as we entered the door Friday evening. We saw some of our favorite childcare specialists and nurses at check-in. Wavey was whisked away for a weekend of fun. Friday night is fairly low key for the kids. Bags are unpacked, night time routines are followed and the kids settle into their rooms for the night. Saturday is filled with activities - time in the gym, out on the playground, in the pool, movie time in the pod, music & art. They also had a visit from some sea creatures and Waverly was able to touch a starfish. Sundays are filled with much of the same activities, keeping her busy and happy until pick up time in the evening. They told us she especially enjoyed the swing and playing on the ipad with a friend. They also said when they told her she was going to see Oliver she started cracking up.

We are always counting down the hours until we are able to pick her up. Tonight was no exception. Lots of smiles and giggles all around. We are so thankful to Jill's House for providing us with some much needed respite. For allowing us to make some special memories with Oliver. And for giving Waverly a weekend of fun.


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