Waverly Turns Twelve

Little girl continues to surprise us by her strength. Yesterday we were able to celebrate her 12th birthday with kisses on her warm, soft cheeks. The nurses were not confident she would make it and I was certainly doubtful, but she is resilient and loves to prove her mommy wrong. I counted down to her birth minute and we celebrated another year together.

Thanks to those of you who sent balloons, flowers, teddy bears, cards, cupcakes, blankets, fuzzy socks, pajamas, dinner, coffee, bagels, and decorated our driveway. 

Day by day.
Hour by hour.
Moment by moment.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Waverly. I'm so glad to read that those who know you in person are loving you so well. Those of us who don't know you are praying for your entire family.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to Waverly! I've been reading your blog for years now and something about your little girl has always truly touched my heart. I'm praying for her and your family during this time.
I was scheduled to lead today's staff reflection before school began today and wanted you to know that I shared your story and we prayed for your family and especially for Waverly on her birthday. You are ever in my thoughts these days. xoxo
Takodahsmom said…
Happy 12th Birthday Waverly! It sounds like a very special day for you all. Sending lots of prayers your way. Victoria
Un Joo said…
Happy Happy 12th Birthday Waverly!

I am a friend of your aunt Tammy and sending you a greeting and prayer from Syracuse NY!

It is so clear that you are so dearly loved and prayed over!

God has blessed you with a beautiful family!

Praying for His fullest blessings for you and your family!

In His Loving kindness, Un Joo
Dawn said…
Happy Birthday sweet girl. :)
Anonymous said…
Musings on Shannon McNeil..
-The consummate mom ( more accurate to say she takes it to a whole new stratosphere !)
-Capable of finding joy and wonder in the smallest of things ( but she has taught me they are the MOST important of all)
-Advocate, seeker and articulate messenger capable of bringing clarity to the most inscrutable of life's challenges (through words and actions)
-Self effacing and caring...recognizing the needs of everyone all at once (oh, how I wish to emulate her)
-Poignant and masterful at putting words to the feelings of her heart: those elusive, impossible emotions that wring her raw and tear at her very core giving pause to dissect her pain and meet it face on and drown it with the love that only she and Matt have cultivated so well for each other and their blessed children....and in so doing, have brought blessings and goodness to all who have been witness to their pure and unfailing love (I will be ever grateful for the experience)
Jan A said…
Happy birthday, sweet girl. It's clear that you are so very loved by family, friends and strangers. Praying for you and your family daily!

Anonymous said…
I've followed your blog for a while now -- your family's strength in the face of such adversity is inspiring. I was so happy to read that your dear Waverly was able to celebrate her birthday with you. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

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