Oliver's Preschool Show

This morning Matt and I went to Oliver's school for his preschool show.  It was FANTASTIC!!  They performed 2 songs from their winter show (it was cancelled due to blizzards in December) and then a few of their favorites from music class.

We weren't sure what to expect from Oliver.  Matt hid behind the video camera and I hid behind my camera.  We were hoping he would participate more if he didn't notice we were there.  Thankfully there were a lot of attendees, so he didn't spot us until the final song.  I must say I cried during the entire first song.  It was overwhelming to see him actively taking part in a little show.  He was excited by the music and shaking his jingle bells.  It was incredible.

I will post photos and video tomorrow.  I am simply too tired to do it tonight.


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