Summer Already?

The end of the school year is almost here and I have been busy with all of the end of the year busyness - book fairs, field days, parties, and thank you gifts for teachers and aides.  I cannot believe the kids will be out of school so soon.  This year has flown by.  Oliver completed his first year of preschool and Waverly is finished with kindergarten.  It is always difficult to remember that Wavey is actually 6.5 years old.  Matt and I feel as if we have perpetual toddlers.  Our house is still filled with board books, soft toys, Elmo, The Wiggles, diapers, and sippy cups.  We never move on to the next age appropriate thing.

Wavey has been sleeping well the past few nights.  We went through another short rough patch, but we are back on track at the moment.  (I am sure I just jinxed us and she will sleep 3 hours tonight.)  She has still be unsteady on her feet this week.  While I was hoping it was going to be a brief change, I am beginning to realize that we may simply be entering a new phase.  Her new wheelchair is on order.  We are just waiting for the call to have it delivered.  While we do not want to confine her to the chair by any means, it will be nice to have it when needed.  She tires out so much more quickly now.


Jenkins said…
Hooray for all of the activites and sleep!

As for always having toddlers...Elmo can be annoying.

Waverly and Oliver are so adorable!

But really I understand, a little. Brayden is 3. I talk to him like a baby (despite Jeremy calling my attention to it). All of his things are like baby things or make shift things that a BIG baby would need.

I never liked all of the baby gear and was happy to see it go. Ironic thing is, I got it back two-fold with Brayden's gear.

Happy to hear Waverly is getting her wheelchair. There are some cool options out there. What did you get?

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