This morning I had an intake meeting for the kids to participate in a respite program at a local church.  The church's pastor has a daughter with special needs.  That inspired him to create a ministry to reach out to families in the community who also have children with special needs.  Their program, Access Ministry, is nationally recognized and they are a leader in getting other churches to create similar programs.  It is truly incredible!!  The offer respite for families 2 Friday nights and 2 Saturdays each month.  The volunteers are all background checked and trained and there is a nurse on duty at all times.  There are sensory rooms, moon bounces, a playground, gym, movie area, craft area, play rooms, wagons & scooters, and so much more.  I was blown away!!  The kids will have a wonderful time playing and Matt & I can actually have a date night once a month.  Sign me up!!!

You can read more about this amazing ministry HERE.


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Shannon, I don't want this to sound odd, but I have been praying for you & Matt, that God would sustain you as a couple as you parent these two precious children. Praying that you would take time for the two of you so that you can be strong together as time goes on and you support, encourage, and grieve losses you see in Waverly & Oliver as a couple. I am a TU grad '89...not a stalker of your life or anything..perhaps God laid it on my heart to lift you both up to Him, He will give you strength. I have shared your blog with many, including my niece who works with special needs kids, I thought it would be helpful for her to see the life of the kids she works with from a parents perspective. This ministry sounds fantastic, and I hope you and Matt take advantage of it so you can spend time together. In any marraige with kids it is easy to make them the focus and neglect to focus on the gift of the spouse God has given us.
Praying for you. So excited about the Pepsi Refresh first place finish, voted regularly after you posted information.

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