Meet the McNeil Family

Meet the McNeil Family

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bring on Spring!

It was a beautiful day here in DC, so we decided to soak up some sunshine at our favorite playground.  It is a fully accessible playground for children with special needs.  They have ramps to access all of the equipment, supportive swings, wheelchair swings, sensory play things and a carousel (that is still closed for winter, much to Oliver's disappointment).  As you can tell from the photos, Waverly & Oliver had a wonderful time.  Bring on spring!!!


Amanda said...

I saw your father on Undercover Boss this evening. Right when I saw your children's picture at his work (the camera scanned the wall and there they were) I just yelled to the hubby, "I know of them!!" I loved seeing how small the world really is. I am so glad that your father's boss helped out your family so much, and it was such an inspiration to see children that have touched my life on tv, touching other people's lives. My husband was touched by your father's strong love and emotion for his grandchildren. I just thought you would want to know.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shannon! I follow your blog regularly and love to see the smiling faces on your children!

Do you have any updates on the "hundred for a home" project?

Shannon said...

You can visit for details. I believe my friends have raised over $160,000 to go towards a home!! The home prices in Northern VA are incredibly high. We are still searching for a home. We had hoped to possible relocate to a more affordable area, but Matt's job is going to keep us in the DC area for the long term. We hope to begin home shopping this spring/summer.

Holly said...

Love that park too! Maybe i'll run into you there sometime.