Thank You, Mack Trucks!

Last night my entire family gathered around the TV together to watch "Undercover Boss".  My step-dad, Al, was a featured employee of Mack Trucks.  He did such an incredible training the CEO in a gracious and kind manner.  He also had an opportunity to sit down with Denny Slagle (the CEO) and share Waverly & Oliver's story.  Denny was obviously touched - he is also a Grandpa.  Al's love for the kids was evident to every single person who watched the show.  Waverly & Oliver's photos were shown a few times and Al was able to tell people a little about Sanfilippo Syndrome (MPS III).  He raising awareness on a national level!!

Mack Trucks donated $5000 to the MPS Society, which will be used for Sanfilippo research.  (They is currently no treatment for this horrible disease.)  Mack is also sending my parents, Matt, Waverly, Oliver and I to Disney World in the fall for a week long vacation!

Thanks to Mack Trucks and Denny Slagle for your generosity!!!

You can watch Al's episode HERE.  He is shown about 20 minutes in and then again at the end of  the show.


Jan R. said…
Saw your beautiful children on Undercover Boss! What a gift from Mack to your family and to the foundation.
diplofam said…
wow! I only got through the first 15 minutes last night--but tonight I will watch the rest! Awesome!
Glenn said…
HI There,
Several of my colleagues told me about the Undercover Boss episode and then we watched it during lunch. YOu see, I'm a teacher and my daughter, Michaela is stricken with MPS IIIB. It'd be wonderful to have even more attention brought to our orphan disease. So happy for your family. Enjoy your vacation this fall and make some beautiful memories!
Ann Kameka
P.S. Are you familiar with Team Sanfilippo?? Check it out at
Anonymous said…
I cried the whole time. :) what a wonderful gift in honor of your kids. they are beautiful. Enjoy your time away together. It was a great opportunity to share the story and information about their struggle. They are lovely.
A & B said…
Shannon, I never watch TV but my mom is in town and I "happened" to watch the episode with her! WOW! I got on your Blog since. I also got an update on you all from Angie Alvarez in Jan. when I saw her here in Indy. I have been praying for you for a little over a year. I have twin boys who were born at 26 weeks and with special needs. THey are three now and doing well. They are our mircacles! Families with children who has special needs are so close to my heart. Your family is close to my heart! Love, Bethanie (Urton) Holdcroft, Taylor 97
Shannon said…
Great episode...LOVED it!
Made sure to record it on the DVR and my husband and I shed tears through it. Your step-dad is an admirable man.
Jen said…
We saw the episode! I sat straight up and said "Hey I read her blog!" It was so touching to see your step-dad's love for the kids and to see the MACK community reach out to your family. God is good! Enjoy your trip!

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