Vacation Pics

Oliver smiling at EPCOT

Oliver & Matt riding Dumbo

Oli was a bit confused by the characters at first.  Here he is meeting Piglet.

He really liked their noses.

Waverly & Oliver waiting for the parade - ears on

I love that smile!!

Oliver is our water baby.  He loved all of the fountains and sprinklers.

Waverly was captivated by Cinderella.

Exploring the park.

Meeting Pluto at Give Kids the World

Pluto was awesome!!

We were also able to meet Barney & Friends at Universal.

Oliver loved the ball pit.

We had dinner with the characters at Chef Mickey's.

Riding the carousel in the Magic Kingdom

Oliver showing off our family tees and his Mickey ears.


S.A. said…
Those are some happy kids! It looks like you had a wonderful time.
Joanne Huff said…
What amazing photos these all are, Shannon. I love the radiant smiles of Waverly and Oliver every time they are with one of the Disney characters. Simply priceless! Joanne
Kate said…
Those pictures brought tears to my eyes! The kids look SO happy ... What wonderful memories for you and Matt, and the happiness was radiating from both Waverly and Oliver. I'm sure there were hard moments during the trip, but those smiles have to outweigh them!! Thanks for sharing!
MK said…
Shannon~ this is Mary K, the one who had the pleasure of sitting next to you on the plane to Disney. You won't believe this but I called to tell my sister, Ann Marie (Sean's mom) about meeting you & come to find out you my other sister, Maureen, has been following your blog since you moved to Vienna! She was going to tell me to look out for your family & here I end up sitting next to you on the plane. Then my mom tells me that she knows all about your beautiful family from working at Vienna ES. She said she will introduce herself next time she sees you. I think we were meant to sit next to one another on that flight. I couldn't stop thinking about you family during our visit. I'm bummed to hear that Oliver was sick but it seems as though you all still managed to have a wonderful trip. I have your email address so I'll touch base. I would love to get together with our families & for you to meet Ann/Tom & her family. You are an inspiration Shannon! I am honored to have met such an incredible person. I look forward to getting to know Wavy & Oliver better. ~MK
Shannon said…
Mary K, you are so sweet. I was so thankful to have been seated by you and your family. I actually wrote Ann Marie yesterday. I had misplaced her email, but located it in my chapstick pouch. :) We would love to get together and I look forward to figuring out who your mom is.

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