When I dropped Waverly off at school on Friday, I met her teacher and aide in the hallway.  I was filling them in on Waverly's PT & OT session, when the 1st graders came out of their classroom for lunch.  This particular class is the one Wavey joins for PE and music.  One of the little boys was super excited to see Waverly.  He loves to give her hugs.  I also heard him say that he likes to give her hugs and make her laugh.  A few of the other kids also greeted Waverly, before getting into a line to head downstairs.

It was such a beautiful moment and a reminder why inclusion is SO important not only for the children with special needs, but also for the mainstream kids.  I wish I knew that little boy's mom.  I would give her a HUGE hug and tell her that she is doing an amazing job raising her little boy.


Courtney said…
That is precious.

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