3 Years

Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of Waverly's diagnosis.  This milestone did hurt as deeply as the others.  It may be because Matt is out of the country and I have been busier than usual.  I didn't want to remember the day our lives were turned upside down.  Instead, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for following our story, for taking an interest in Waverly & Oliver.  Thank you for joining us on our journey and for supporting us in so many ways.  I hope that Waverly & Oliver have made a lasting impact your life.  I hope they have inspired you to be thankful for the health of your own children and to have compassion on those children who have special needs.

I can't believe it has been 3 years...


Anonymous said…
thinking of you.
pknelson said…
Your children have definitely made an impact on my life. I carry them with me everywhere. May the Lord continue to give you strength and peace. You are a wonderful and inspiring mother!
Joanne Huff said…
Hi Shannon,

The anniversary can be such a tough day, so I'm glad you were kept busy throughout it. I've found that can help an awful lot. Love to Oliver and Waverly from us. Thinking of you always, & especially this week! Joanne

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