A few weeks ago I registered Waverly & Oliver with a respite program for children with special needs.  Mclean Bible Church's Access ministry is incredible!!  Last night was our first night.  As we went it, Oliver was super excited.  (We had been there once before for a Christmas Eve service.)  He must have had a great time, because he remembered where he was and was desperate to get back to the play rooms.  After a quick check-in with an RN (love that!), we took the kids to their rooms.  Waverly burst into giggles when we entered and she saw the smiling faces of 10 volunteers excited to play with her.  Oliver tore into his room and started playing.  No crying - no sad goodbyes.

Matt and I took off for a few hours and had dinner at a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant.  No kids.  No worrying.  Just a few hours to ourselves to relax, talk and share a delicious meal.

When we went back to MBC to pick them up, we were given little reports on how the kids did.  Waverly didn't stop giggling the entire time.  She loved the attention from all of the kids and volunteers.  The head volunteer in her room had read Waverly's intake form so thoroughly, mentioning they sang some of her favorite songs all night long.  Oliver's favorite part of the night were the moon bounces.  He has recently learned how to jump.  (Hooray!!)  He was a little timid at first, but once he relaxed he started cracking up.  He also played a chasing game with some of the older boys - running around a big room, interacting with his peers.

Successful night for all!!!  I am so excited that we have this wonderful resource just a few miles away.  We will most definitely do this again next month.


camille said…
That is AWESOME!!!!!
Erin said…
Im glad wavey's feeling better! The giggles came back in full force on friday. So happy to hear they are still going strong!
Jan said…
I love McClean Bible Church! Oh, I've never been there. But their disability ministry inspired a local church to start one here and I am a part of their ministry. My son, who has Down syndrome, participates in a number of wonderful activities too, tailored to him. I'm so glad you had a wonderful evening, and it sounds like Wavery and Oliver did too!
Andrew said…
What a great ministry and great that you can take part in it!

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