Matt flew to Hanoi on Friday morning for business.  He was incredibly excited for the opportunity to travel internationally again - that is exactly why we joined the foreign service.  Since the kids' diagnosis, we have been forced to remain stateside.  It is the best decision for our family, but we constantly miss the way things were "supposed to be".

My parents came down for the weekend to help and my mom is staying for a few extra days.  Then we will road trip it to PA for a few more days until returning home to greet Matt at the airport.  I can't wait for our reunion.

Matt emailed this morning.  He is safe in Hanoi.  He spent the day exploring the city with some coworkers.  He is having a wonderful time.


The Leivas said…
The picture of Waverly and Oliver together is adorable! Oliver's elbow didn't look out of place at all till you mentioned it!

I to can relate to that feeling of missing the way things were supposed to be. When Olivia was dignosed Mike had to turn down a 3 year assignment in Italy. Really gives "welcome to holland" new meaning.
Evelyn Quinonez said…
Thank you for sharing your experience as a parent of two beautiful children such as yours. I came to this page unintentionally but found your story inspiring and heartfelt.

Evelyn Quinonez

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