Jill's House

This morning, Waverly & I visited Jill's House for an intake meeting.  It is an amazing place, located just a few miles away from our home.  Jill's House opened a few months ago on the campus of a local church.  The pastor's daughter, Jill, is 20 years old and has significant special needs.  He saw a need in the community to provide respite to families who have children with special needs.  Jill's House will provide families with weekend respite and day camps.  We will be able to take Waverly there (and Oliver when he turns 6) for either 24 or 48 hours.

I don't think there is another place like it in the US.  The building is a beautiful lodge.  They have private bedrooms and accessible bathrooms for each child.  They even have a few Sleep Safe beds!  There are sensory rooms, calming rooms, heated indoor pool, gym, music room, art room, computer lab, playground with fully accessible equipment.  I want to stay there!!

I am so excited to have such an amazing institution so close by.  Waverly is going to have a blast there.


Anonymous said…
Just seeing if perhaps you have comments on moderation - if you do, I'm going to leave another with my email address and ask you to please email me about Jill's House, etc. I couldn't find your email on here to write to you privately.


Been following your blog and praying for you guys for ages!
Lisa in San Diego
Shannon said…
I just changed the settings, if you want to email me.
Joanne Huff said…
Hi Shannon,

I can't tell you how happy we are that you have found such a wonderful place and that it is so near your home. That is just truly fantastic! Joanne
Heather said…
Sounds like a wonderful spa weekend for sweet Waverly! I need a calming room in my house... for me. :)
Kate said…
I drive by there frequently and was not sure what it was ... I'm so thrilled that it will be a place you can go for a getaway with Waverly, and soon Oliver too ... I also, have been following your journey for years, and want you to know that your children are changing lives! I don't get over to Clemejontry often, but every time I do, I am hopeful that I will run into you and the kids! I pray for your family often ... You inspire me to be a better mom every day. God Bless.

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