Meet the McNeil Family

Meet the McNeil Family

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Do Over?

Yesterday not a good day.  Waverly and I left the house early for an appointment down at Children's Hospital.  We have been waiting to see this particular orthopedist for months.  She was highly recommended to us from several of our doctors.  We are still trying to find the source of Waverly's pain (although it has lessened over the past 2 weeks).  Wavey's PT took the time to accompany us to the appointment, so she could give her input on what she is seeing in therapy.  We waited 3 hours to see the doctor - 3 hours!!!  When she finally appeared, she focused instantly on Vitamin D deficiencies in children.  She then talked about her experience with Sanfilippo, which seemed quite dated and uninformed.  She looked at Wavey's heel cord tightness, told me to put inserts in her shoes and said goodbye.  Umm, I waited months for this appointment, not to mention the 3 hours stuck in a little exam room, for THAT?!  I stopped her and said, what could be causing her pain, her crying, the redness and swelling in her knees.  She didn't think Wavey was in pain.  In the less than 10 minutes she was with her, she deduced that.  She didn't look at her hips or knees, she didn't watch her walk, didn't check her range of motion.  I just collapsed to the floor stunned as she walked out of the room.  The PT equally shocked at how little interest the doctor showed at addressing Waverly's needs.

In the midst of the morning, it was Oliver's last day of preschool.  I enjoy celebrating this little milestones.  It is good for my heart and spirit to acknowledge his second year of preschool coming to an end. I missed it.  I couldn't put him on the bus for the photo opt.  I missed the walk down to the local custard shop for a treat with the class.  And I was an hour late picking him up.  Bad mommy.

I wish I could have a do over.  For both kids.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry!

diplofam said...

sorry that you had such a bad day yesterday--I would have felt the exact same way--motherhood is such an up and down thing. sounds like you have a wonderful PT--don't give up!

Jenkins said...

reoccuring theme at Children's ortho...dreadful. I cannot believe it.
I am frustrated for you! UGH!
Where to go now?

Sam Bennett said...

You are a great mom. A great mom. And no doubt those kids know how much you love and care for them.

Pamela said...

I wish I could give you a do-over. I'm sorry it was such a frustrating day :( Know that you are thought of and prayed of. And keep up the great work you and your hubby are doing with your beautiful children. The love you have for them and your willingness to jump in and live life as it is (instead of how you expected it to be) is not going unnoticed. Keep it up.

Kate Brown said...

So sorry to hear this Shannon. With all of the trials and tribulations that you have to deal with on a daily basis, to deal with it in the medical field must be overwhelming and exhausting! I know you have encountered some amazing doctors along the way, and maybe this just helps you appreciate them even more! This Doctor certainly was not at the top of her game when she met you, and it is her loss for not trying to educate herself and learn more about Waverly, MPS, and your family. She really missed out on a great opportunity, but you missed out on much more ... A good Doctor, answers, and Olivers school function :( there are no words, but here's to a good weekend, and a good start to summer. Always in my thoughts and prayers,

Alison said...

You're an amazing mother Shannon - with them through all of this, every day, all day. I know you'll keep fighting for them both and that makes you even more amazing.

Carrie said...

That is ridiculous, but common I think. A few years ago I went with a student to a feeding clinic. The first thing the team did was interrogate the parents for a reason why they had not returned to the clinic after their first visit. It had been many years. Way to make parents feel comfortable!! At the time, I was the only one able to feed the little boy and they basically refused to deal with me. As it turns out the most helpful person was the nutritionist, someone who we could have seen close to home in 30 min rather then an entire day visit. This was an appointment that we had convinced the parents to make and basically it was a bunch of very rude and hurried professionals. As far as I know the parents have never gone back to the clinic the not so little boy is still not eating much for them.

I would write a letter of complaint, honestly.