My Little Friend D

I love getting mail. I miss writing letters and sending cards. Today I received a beautiful surprise from my little friend D. D's mom and I became friends a few years ago when we first moved back to DC. D was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was a baby and has since spent the past 6 years going through different chemo panels. His mom is an inspiration to me.

D's brain tumor has affected his eye sight and he is legally blind. He has been learning how to read and write in braille. He wanted to send me a little note and this is what he wrote. His mom wrote the words, but you can see the braille type underneath if you look closely. How awesome is that!! This little note will forever be a special keepsake.

I have been having a very difficult week, so this little note made my day. I was reminded but for Sanfilippo, I probably would have never met D and his family. We were introduced because of the issues we face as mothers. I would have missed out on the opportunity to get to know this extraordinary boy. One of the little blessings of Sanfilippo in our lives. It is important to find the positives in the midst of so much sadness.


Christine said…
Loved this. And that article you posted yesterday really was so well done! Praying for you all.
Anonymous said…
Great job of writing, very neat. I hope your week improves. There is a saying that it is always darkest before the dawning. Don't give up hope.
from a former writing teacher,
Grandma Karen
Whitney said…
We are still thinking of you and send prayers your way daily. I am so glad you can see the upside of your situation. You are inspiring!

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