King's Dominion

As part of Oliver's Make-a-Wish trip to Give Kids the World in January, he was given a special "passport" to visit hundreds of amusements parks throughout the country.  He loves rides and water parks so much, we thought this weekend was a perfect time to put the passport to use.  We arranged to visit King's Dominion, a great park just about an hour away from our house.  (Waverly was off at Jill's House.  I will write about her weekend later).

We had a fantastic day with just Oliver.  It was so much fun navigating the park with just him.  He loved the rides and quite often ran from the exit line back into the entrance.  His way of saying "let's do this again!!!".  Oliver is our water baby, so we spent half of the day in the tidal wave pool, lazy river ride and kids water play area.  We pizza and ice cream - 2 of his favorite food groups.  It was a day of fun with our little guy.  Here are a few photos I took on my phone.


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