Summer Camp

I spend a considerable amount of time griping about living in northern Virginia.  The cost of living is ridiculous, the traffic is horrid and it is so transient that forming relationships is proving to be quite difficult. However, there are some incredible advantages to living in NoVA.  One of the highest things on the list has to be Jill's House.  I have mentioned JH in previous posts, but get ready for another installment of "I heart Jill's House".

Waverly started her mini summer camp yesterday.  Each morning I pack her little backpack with swim gear and changes of clothes.  Her lunch box is filled with treats and a sippy cup.  Then Oliver and I drop her off for 6 hours of fun with her friends at JH.  She literally starts to giggle and clap when we pull into the parking lot.  She is so excited, she can barely walk.  She spends her day at the pool, on the playground, having water play in the sprinklers, going to music, craft time, riding a special bike in the gym and snacking with her pals.

I grew up attending camp.  Day camps at first and then week long overnight camps.  I loved it so much I ended up spending many summers working at camp.  My summer camp memories are some of my fondest and I still have close friendships with my fellow counselors and campers.  I knew that summer camp would play a big part in my children's lives.

Once they were diagnosed, I never would have imagined that Waverly (& in 2 more summers Oliver, too) would have this opportunity.  It may not look like the summer camp I experienced, but it is perfect for my kids.  It is a beautiful sight to see families pulling up for drop off with wheel chair lifts, medicine bags, feeding tubes, walkers, hearing aids, and amazing kids with huge smiles on their faces ready for a day of fun.

I like to find the positives in life with Sanfilippo.  It is difficult some days, but today I realized that I may have missed this moment.  I am not sure if I would have slowed down enough to see the beauty in these kids.  To enjoy the little things in life.  Sanfilippo takes so much away from us, but I love that Jill's House doesn't let Sanfilippo take away the summer camp experience that all children should have.


Anonymous said…
That's wonderful! Summer camp was always my favourite too. All kids should get to enjoy summer camp regardless :)
Cubanita said…
How fantastic!!! I'm so glad Waverly gets to attend a fun summer camp. I'm sure she brightens many people's day when she arrives :)
Joanne Huff said…
Oh Shannon, I love this entry so much! I love that you have Jill's House and that Waverly (and soon Oliver) has summer camp and that you are able to not miss out on such a special child raising marker that you hold so close to your heart. This just makes me want to cry! Hugs to you all, Joanne

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