Waverly's Weekend Away

Waverly is at Jill's House this weekend.  I have written about JH previously - it is an incredible respite center for children with special needs.  I was hesitant about having her stay for 2 nights, but after dropping her off tonight I was reminded what an amazing place it is.  She is going to have a fantastic time!!


Anonymous said…
So excited to hear your thoughts after Waverly's actually stayed! Praying for her time there and for your time while she's away. I just had a long conversation with a friend about JH as they were desperately needing something similar...only there just isn't. Here or anywhere else, really!

Have you seen the cool amusement park in TX specifically designed to be special needs friendly (and is entirely wheelchair accessible)? And a few hotel chains are making rooms customized for families with special needs - some really cool steps in a better direction!

Anyway, praying for you guys and really can't wait to hear more about JH!


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