Beach Bound

We took the kids to Rehoboth Beach yesterday. Matt and I were in desperate need for some sand and surf. We knew Oliver would love it, but Waverly isn't a big fan of the water. And the last time we took her to the beach, she wouldn't stop eating the sand. Yuck!! I did a lot of research and found that Rehoboth offered beach wheelchairs for free - first come first serve. We left EARLY to ensure that we would get one. And thanks to a friend, we knew we brought an extra beach umbrella to stick into the chair to keep her shaded. Wavey was happy in her chair looking at some of her favorite books. She also took lots of walks up and down the beach. Oliver loves all things beach. He loved playing in the sand with his shovel and bucket. He also loved running in the waves and going out to deeper water in my arms. We had a fantastic time.

Waverly in her beach wheelchair 

 Matt and the kids walking in the surf
So happy to be at the beach 

Playing in the sand 

A squinty smile


Amy B said…
Wow, Shannon! They are getting so big! You have beautiful children!
Pamela said…
Just wanted to drop in and let you know that your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. Every time I stop by to read, I am so impressed with how you and Matt work so hard to enjoy what you've been given, rather than complain about what you don't have. If only more people had half the ability for "looking for the good" that you do. Keep up the great work. (And how sad to have to say goodbye to Wavey's 1:1 - she sounds like she was great!)

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