Yesterday afternoon was certainly exciting. As the kids and I settled into watching "Cars" after lunch and  walk, the entire apartment started to shake. I have been through an earthquake before when we lived in California, so I knew right away what it was. However, living in Virginia, it was so unexpected and definitely scary. Thankfully, Matt was working from home. We both picked up the kids and dashed outside. (Now I know running outside is not the best thing to do in a quake.) No shoes, but I did remember to grab my phone and keys. We gathered along with all of our neighbors in the parking lots. I had our van keys, so we buckled in the kids, turned on a movie for them and the news for us. 5.9 earthquake centered in Virginia. Wow!! It definitely made for an adventurous afternoon. We didn't have any damage in our complex, but a few local buildings sustained some significant damage and some cars were destroyed by falling debris. Here's hoping today is less rumbly.


Cari said…
Your next post should be "Hurricane!!" :)

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