Day Camp

Waverly attended day camp the past 2 weeks at Jill's House. Summers have always been a bit difficult for us. Waverly & I do not enjoy the heat and by the end of the summer boredom sets in. The day camp option was such a treat. Waverly was at JH for 6 hours each day. The zoo brought small animals for the kids to meet, a therapy dog stopped by, a local hippotherapy organization brought ponies, there is a beautiful indoor pool, a gym, craft room, computer lab, music room, musicians come to play for the kids, plus an amazing playground. Each day we pulled into the parking lot, Waverly was all giggles. She knew she was going to have another great day. And each day I picked her up she was all smiles and totally exhausted. Oliver and I were able to take advantage of the time by going to our favorite parks and finishing up school shopping (not his favorite activity, but snacks kept him happy).

I am so thankful to have this organization just a few miles away. Our summer was much more fun for all of us, because of their day camp program.


camille said…
Sounds like a dream come true! So happy you have a program like this available so close by.

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