Great First Impression

Thursday night we all went to Jill's House for an Open House. Matt had never toured the facility and they were having an information meeting for their school partnership program. One of their goals is to partner with local schools to give families weeknight respite. Jill's House staff would pick the kids up at the end of their school day, take them back to JH for the night and then return them to school the following morning. There were 4 families there from the kids' school. And...this is the part that was so special....the principal and both of the new special education teachers also came. It was a great opportunity to meet the teachers and introduce them to our children. They were also able to get to know JH, in case the school program is implemented there. I was so impressed to see the 3 of them there, during the evening, to support their special education community.

The kids had a blast. I think Waverly was upset that she couldn't stay. Some of the girls who have worked with her during day camp were there and she was so excited to see them. Oliver was thrilled to finally see what was behind the locked doors. He had a blast playing in the gym, jumping on the trampoline, and having a cone at the ice cream party.

It was yet another reminder just how lucky were are here in NoVA, to have such an incredible facility so close by. I had been very apprehensive about this next year; so many changes at their school. I feel so much better already. I think this is going to be another great year at VES!!


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