Brave Girl

A new favorite photo of Waverly & I. Matt snapped this just a few minutes before her surgery. I love her big, bright smile. She is such a good patient.


Joanne said…
Hi Shannon,

I just love this photo so much, and I'm so glad to know that Waverly came out in such amazingly high spirits so soon after the surgery was completed. Been thinking about you often. I can imagine what an incredibly emotional week this must have been for you all (I know it sure was for me!), but to have it done and behind you must be a tremendous relief. xoxo, Joanne
Anonymous said…
Absolute endearing moment! I can see the love between the two of you. Prayed for her and thought of you all last week. So glad to hear of good results. Best of luck with back to school. You and Matt are doing awesome!
Pamela said…
What a sweet, sweet photo. I love it!

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