My Little 3rd Grader

Waverly started 3rd grade last Monday. She did half days for the first 3 days of school and has been full time since then. I spent some time in the classroom and meeting with the school nurse to make sure everyone was comfortable with her g-tube. After some practice sessions last week, everything has been going smoothly. Waverly has a 2.5 hour tube feed in the afternoon at school. I think she is thrilled to be back among her friends and teachers. She is a very social little girl who loves the attention she receives from everyone there.  I think if not for Watson, I would be a bit lonely. I thoroughly enjoyed having her home with me for the first few weeks of school. How is she already in 3rd grade?!


Kathryn said…
This is such a cute photo!
Shannon said…
Thank you, Kathryn!!

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