Waverly Update

I thought I would update everyone on Waverly. She is recovering beautifully. The most difficult aspect of the g-tube seems to trying to settle into the best schedule. Since the tube is brand new and she is still adjusting to the formula, she has to eat at a very slow rate. (This will slowly be increased.) We opted to try overnight feeds, since it drastically limits the amount of time she is tethered to the feeding pump throughout the day. We want her to be able to be up and moving as much as possible. After some adjustments, we have found an overnight schedule that seems to work well for all of us. During the day she only has to be hooked up to the pump once for a few hours. And we are able to supplement some food orally throughout the day.

Waverly seems quite happy and satisfied. I am actually surprised just how content she is, however I think she was often hungry before and just unable to safely eat enough calories. Her g-tube is healing nicely and thus far we haven't had any complications.

My mom came down for a few days last week. Wavey was thrilled to have Grandma around. I snapped this photo at our favorite frozen yogurt spot. You can see just how happy Wavey was to have her Grandma here.


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