Second Week

Oliver had his second week of full day kindergarten. He is doing so well!! His ID teacher spoke with his kindergarten class on Tuesday morning. The kids had a lot of questions about Oliver, so she went in to explain things to them. It was very successful and I think Oliver is going to have a much better time among his peers. In fact, this morning while dropping him off at school, a little boy came over to say hello to him and gave him five. I was beaming ear to ear and almost moved to tears. That little boy's parents are getting a thank you note from me.

Waverly was home with me again this week. I think we have settled into a schedule that works for all of us. We met with her surgeon on Wednesday. Everything looks fairly good. She has some granulation tissue near the g-tube. We started using some topical steroids and hopefully that will clear it up. The doctor was also concerned by how "tight" the tube is - it is pressing into her skin. Typically Mic-Key buttons are replaced every 3 months. We think this will be replaced closer to 1 month. Waverly is fussing a lot and I think it is the tube hurting her skin. We have to allow the stoma to heal though before we can replace it. Poor girl has been through so much.


Kathryn said…
Yay for Oliver!
Pamela said…
I'm glad school is going so well for Oliver. It sounds like he will have a good year with his classmates! I'm also glad to hear Waverly seems to be doing fairly well with her new Mic-Key. Keep up the great work parenting those two wonderful children - you're doing a great job.

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