Happy Easter

We spent the afternoon at the National Zoo.  We haven't been there since we moved back last summer.  It was such a sunny day, although a bit chilly.  We wanted to be outside and enjoy the sun.  The zoo was packed, so we spent most of our time walking the grounds and visiting the outdoor enclosures.  Oliver slept for most of our visit, but Waverly loved the crowds and walking the paths.  She did such a great job walking for an extended period of time - we were so proud of her.  I only took a few photos, but I thought this one was adorable of Waverly in front of the lion.


Jan said…
I love Waverly's picture! She is just too cute :)
Jenkins said…
She is adorable! I love her stylish glasses.
Next time you go to the zoo let us know and maybe we can join you!
Penny said…
What a beautiful picture!!

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