Sleep Apnea

The pediatrician called this morning to say she got a copy of Oliver's sleep study results.  I was thrilled she got them so quickly - we were told it would take about 4 weeks.  Unfortunately, they found out he has severe sleep apnea.  I have a call in to the ENT about what to do next.  I think they will begin by removing his tonsils and adenoids...I am hoping soon.  I am going to have a difficult time sleeping until something is done to help him breathe better at night.


My son had this same thing. A sleep study revealed he stopped breathing an average of 8 times per hour. OUCH! No wonder he was so grumpy, crabby, and difficult to be around - he was tired!

Tonsils and adenoids did the trick for him. I hope it does for Oliver too.
Misty said…
Will also had his tonsil and adenoids removed and it helped tremendously. Good luck! Misty

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