We Missed It

I woke up this morning a little sad.  Today (I thought) was Oliver's 1 year diagnosis anniversary.  But when I checked my datebook from last year, I realized I missed it.  It was April 17th!  I have been confused with my emotions all day.  I am upset that I let such an important day in our lives slip by, but at the same time thankful that the day is behind me and I can continue on with my daily routine.

The waiting for Oliver's test results was terribly agonizing.  It was such a long 4 weeks and I called our doctor at CHoP every few days to make sure his test didn't come in without her knowledge.  (Thankfully she was VERY patient with me.)  She finally called my cell, first thing in the morning in Philly but lunchtime in London.  I was pushing Oli in the stroller and holding Waverly's hand.  We had just left her therapy session in Marylebone and we were crossing Oxford Street on our way to the embassy.  In my heart I knew he had it, but there was still a tiny part of me holding out hope.  The moment I heard her voice I knew and I collapsed, right there in front of Marks & Spencer.  I called Matt and he heard my sobs and knew.  I will never forget that day.


sarahdv17 said…
I remember that day too. Many tears were shed for Oliver that day.

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