Orthotics Arrived

Waverly received her orthotics yesterday!!  We have been anxiously awaiting their arrival.  When we put them on her, she high stepped across the room laughing.  It was hysterical!  I put them on her this morning and she is tolerating them beautifully.  She hasn't tried taking them off yet.  I snapped this photo right after she put them on.  I love her smile.  Our hope is that they will help her feet straighten out and loosen her heel cord.  It is terribly tight and the source of a lot of her walking difficulties.

Wavey has also been sick since Saturday.  We went to the doctor yesterday and it is viral, just some type of cold bug going around.  Needless to say it has been a very long week.

Thus far, Oliver is still healthy.  His tonsils & adenoid surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, so we need him to stay healthy.  I really don't want to reschedule his surgery.  We are anxious to get it done and (hopefully) improve his sleeping and breathing.

Wavey's school has tired a 1:1 assistant for her.  She is a substitute teacher who works in special education.  She has spent time in Wavey's class and was excited to work with her.  I am looking forward to meeting her.  I am seriously overjoyed that Wavey will have someone dedicated to her needs in the classroom.  Not only will this free up the teacher to be available to the other students, but I won't worry about her safety as much.


aprilfoolwed said…
Aside from W's illness, sounds like things are going well this week! Keeping O in our prayers as you prepare for his surgery!
Jennie said…
What great news about Waverly's new aide! I'm glad they found someone with experience with special needs kids. :) One school I worked with pulled a lady from the cafeteria to be a child's aide! Waverly's picture is just adorable. We still need to arrange some reunion time for us!
Anonymous said…
Yeah about the 1:1 aide! Have the doctors ever mentioned a heel cord clipping to loosen it up? My daughter was born with clubfeet and they snipped her heel cord through a very minor procedure to loosen it. This left very, very tiny cuts on the back of her heel that you can no longer see. Her feet are now perfectly normal. Just wondering.
Jenkins said…
Love the smile! Nothing better! That is wonderful about the aid just for her.
We will be praying for Oliver's surgery. If you need anything just let me know. We will be around all next week.
The Leivas said…
Shannon, I would be honored if you put a link up on your blog, if I can do the same? I love reading your blog and getting to know Waverly and Oliver. Olivia just had her tonsils out this past week and she's doing great! I hope that Oliver's surgery goes well, I'll be thinking of you guys.

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