Some Good News

This has been an incredibly busy 2 weeks.  We have had a bunch of doctor appointments, school visits and meetings.  Even though I am exhausted, I am excited to begin getting things into place for the 2009-2010 school year.  We still have IEP meetings to get through for both kids, but I am feeling very positive that things are going to work out.  Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks.
  • Waverly now has an FM system for use at school and home.  We are hoping that amplifying the sound will help her throughout her day.
  • Wavey's school has agreed to hire an assistant for Wavey within her preschool class.  We have been asking for this since September and I am thrilled.  I only wish it wouldn't have taken such a long time.
  • Oliver may be eligible to attend a summer preschool program through the school district.  He would be in a class with other kids who are hearing impaired (some have additional needs, like Oliver, too).
  • Wavey's Make-a-Wish trip is scheduled.  We will be heading to Disney World in October.  It is going to be an incredible trip!


Deb said…
I work in special education in the public schools and I am so glad to hear that the IEP process is really working for you to get Waverly and Oliver what they need. I know the process can be daunting but keep advocating for your children! School districts respect parents who are clear about what they need and can advocate in a respectful manner.
Keep it up!
Sending prayers your way.
Penny said…
That is great news Shannon. Waverly is going to have so much fun at he MAW trip. Please take lots of pics and share. You all take care.

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