I have been feeling so sad the past few days.  My emotions have been right at the surface and any small thing can cause the tears to flow.  I received a report from Children's Hospital and it was the first one to list Waverly as 7 years old.  I cried.  Oliver attended a birthday part yesterday afternoon.  When we left, I cried.

Even preparing for Christmas has been difficult for me.  I haven't decorated or put up a tree yet.  I just have had zero desire to celebrate.  And the kids are unaware that anything special is coming.  I think that it part of it.  I am not sure why I should even bother.

And then tonight, I read about a friend.  Her daughter passed away 3 years ago tomorrow.  She had Sanfilippo.  She was a beautiful little girl - only 12 years old.


I was reminded that I am fortunate enough to have Waverly & Oliver here with me now.  It is okay to be sad.  It is sad.  However, I need to take advantage of the short time I have been given with them.  That means creating memories and moments with them, so I can hold onto them in the years to come.

The sadness is still intense right now.  The tears are flowing as I type.  But I am blessed to go kiss my babies good night, smooth back their hair and pull up their blankets to keep them warm on this wintery night.


Polka Dot Girl said…
Oh Shannon, I wish anything I could say could relieve some of the sadness. It probably doesn't help much at all, but I (and so many others) hold you and Matt and Waverly and Oliver so close in prayers, and in my heart, each day. Even in the midst of days that feel like "Latter Days" (so many beds of nails, so much heartache), you have angels around you.
karen said…
I'm so sorry. You and Matt are living a life that no one should have to live. Your writing about it is so honest, so clear. I thank you for that, for the opportunity to get to know your sweet, beautiful kids from afar.
Anonymous said…
I bow to your heart.
Jenkins said…
There are never really words that feel appropriate to help comfort you...just know that so many of us LOVE and PRAY for you and your children.
Anonymous said…
It takes courage to see beauty when your heart is full of pain. You and Matt have 2 beautiful children who are very sweet and charming. Drown yourself in
their smiles and hugs and be lifted up.
Anonymous said…
I wish I had words to comfort you and make things different for you. Since I don't, please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. A friend's friend recently found out that her daughter has a fatal genetic illness. I referred her to your blog because I think you do a fantastic job of keeping a good perspective, despite less than ideal circumstances. You truly know how to make the best of what you've been given and enjoy it to the fullest, even though it's not what you signed up for.

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