Trimming the Tree

Yesterday I spent some time decorating for Christmas.  I lit my vanilla frosting candle (much simpler than baking) and played my favorite holiday album ("The Darkest Night of the Year").  I opened the trunk that holds all of our decor, took a deep breath and dove into the holiday spirit.  I decided to make things a little easier this year.  Just lights on the tree - no ornaments for the kids to pull off and put in their mouth.  I can't find a safe place for our stocking holders, so I took out my hammer and hung them on the wall.  The apartment feels warm and cozy.  I love the glow of the Christmas lights.  My spirit feels better.


Ashley said…
I have a fondness in my heart for Waverly and Oliver even though I've never met your family. I don't miss a blog post, and I pray for your sweet children. But most of all I'm praying for your heart this season. I know that you talk about the joy your kids bring to you, but clearly there is also heartache and sorrow in your days and even moment by moment, too. I'm so sorry for your pain and just wanted you to know that I'm praying, even when I don't know exactly what to pray for. I hope the season brings unexpected blessings and incredible joy, and especially the very real sense that God is near to you and your sweet family.

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