Merry Christmas!

Waverly and Oliver had a wonderful time opening Christmas gifts.  Wavey really liked her new stuffed Barney.  It sings the "I Love You" song.  Oliver got a bouncing Tigger toy that was a huge hit.  The biggest excitement came when the kids opened a gift bag filled with jumbo chewy necklaces.  


Amanda said…
The outfit that Waverly is wearing is cute! Is that a nightie? Cute stuff! And the picture with Oliver looking at Tigger is just adorable!
Anonymous said…
Today my daughter was denied surgery by CIGNA because it was deemed experimental. We were negotiating down to the wire, since the first clue we would be denied was two hours prior to surgery. My daughter was in the pre op area, gowned. We are now home, and exhausted and tearful. My daughter has been in pain for a year due to a misdiagnosis. Why do I share this? I don't know, other than to say the inability to make it better when you are mother is a cruel turn of events.

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