Just a Toy

Oliver was carrying around a puzzle that is housed in a little suitcase-like box.  It was a puzzle I bought for Waverly when she was 2.  It has various zoo animals on it - she used to love going to the Columbus Zoo.  It is a large floor puzzle and I have a lot of memories of doing this particular puzzle with her.  Good memories.

All of a sudden, Oliver tossed the box onto the floor and it broke apart.  Ugh!  I was instantly upset.  For a moment at Oliver.  And then at the sadness this little puzzle reminded me of.

I miss Waverly bringing me the puzzle.  Helping to unlatch the box.  Handing me the pieces.  Dancing on the puzzle before I had a chance to finish it.  I think she thought the puzzle was her own little portable dance floor.

She used to say "puzzle".  I miss that, too.

The box lid will soon be taped back on with packaging tape.  It will remain in my possession for as long as possible.  A reminder of happy times.


Amanda said…
Aren't reminders of happy times just wonderful? Little things that the kids play with, or have touched, or that cause a memory to reappear in your mind. Sometimes takes your breath away? I know you will cherish your memories! You are such a strong mommy, such strong parents. And your children are so beautiful. Such special spirits from their heavenly father. Though you know the stages, love them as much as you can, as you are :) Never forget that you will have them with you forever, no matter what happens in the future.

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