Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping tends to be an emotional experience for me.  I ventured to our local Toys-r-Us yesterday, hoping to wander the aisles to find some gift ideas for the kids.  Waverly is 7, however I typically find her toys in the baby section.  Oliver will be 4 in a few weeks and I can still shop in the preschool area, being careful about any toys with small items they could choke on.  I had some ideas for Oliver going in, but no clue for Wavey.  And then, jackpot!!  I found a stuffed Barney that sings the "I Love You" song.  She loves that song and we sing it to her all of the time.  She used to sing all of the words....years ago.  She also loves Elmo.  I found a "Tickle Me Elmo" that giggles and vibrates.  And a cute Elmo cell phone that sings the theme song for "Elmo's World".

These may not be the toys that most parents are excited to find.  Noisy.  Some think they are annoying.  Commercial.  I see them as perfect.  Small items that will bring such joy to Waverly on Christmas morning.  These are not the typical toys for a 7 year old girl, but my little girl is anything but typical.  She is extraordinary!


Christine said…
And so is her Mommy! Extraordinary, that is! Bless you!
Kim said…
That's right!

I find that trouble when trying to get stuff for the kids in my class. I've found they love the duplo or the mega blocks -- and I know they have a pink set for girls. Would Wavey play with those, or are they difficult? I didn't know if Ollie could still maneuver them. Also, I'm sure you have a ton of books, but I was wondering if board books or squishy books were okay?

I know you didn't ask for suggestions but I thought of those things. :)

I really appreciate your candor about the holidays. It helps this teacher have insight into how to better serve my families. Many prayers for a blessed, Merry Christmas.

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