Waverly has *VERY* quick hands.  If she thinks something is food or simply wants to put it in her mouth, she is lightning fast.  We are all so careful with her, making sure we don't have anything in her reach that could harm her or cause her to choke.  Today in school during snack time, she grabbed a plastic straw wrapper and stuffed it in her mouth before anyone could notice.  She started to choke, and her 1:1 & teacher assumed it was just her snack.  They came to her aid and thankfully her teacher noticed the straw wrapper in the back of her mouth.  She was able to reach in and pull it out quickly.  Phew!!  Thank God for attentive staff.


Amanda said…
I'm so glad someone saw what was going on and was able to help little Waverly. What a beautiful name. I was sitting here typing this, and just thought, "what a beautiful name. So graceful and light." Makes me think of a ballerina dancing around.

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