2nd Place

We are in 2nd place!!!  Please continue to vote EVERY day.  We have to remain in the top 2 spots in order to win the grant.  Voting lasts the entire month of January.  Please post on facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.



Anonymous said…
Hello Shannon,

I would like to thank you for everything you are doing to raise awareness about Sanfilippo syndrome. I also have two Sanfilippo children and because I regularly visit your blog I found out about this project. I write a blog and thought It might be a good chance to help. I posted a note on my blog and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of people . Facebook is a realy powerful social network. There might be a few thousand people voting for the project here in the Czech Republic. I can only hope it helps. Wish you and your family happy days and peaceful nights.

Monika Zavadilova
Shannon said…

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. I would love to see photos of your children.

Thanks for sharing the link on your blog. We still have 24 more days of voting, but I truly think we can do it.


This is us :)) Sara turned 5 last November, Jukub is 3.They were diagnosed in spring 2009.


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