A Small Miracle

Waverly's Sleep Safe bed was delivered right before Christmas.  It should have been here months ago, but the durable medical goods company we used neglected to place the order after they received approval from insurance.  Thankfully, they remembered their mistake and squeezed us into their delivery schedule.  We had it all ready for over a week, but we waited until last night to give it a go.

Oliver and Waverly share a room, so we weren't sure how it would work with 2 kids who have sleep disorders together all night.  But Matt stayed with Wavey until she fell asleep.  He put up the sides of her bed, turned on the monitor and left.  We anticipated that she would wake up and make noise in an attempt to escape to our room.  However, she was quiet all night long.  Oliver work up around 4, but after some melatonin, he fell back to sleep for a few more hours.  They lasted all night long!!

We shall see how tonight goes.  Waverly has always enjoyed being in tight, comfy spaces.  We filled her new bed with warm blankets, pillows and her favorite stuffed animals.  I hope that the enclosed space brings her comfort and security.

So far, so good...


The Leivas said…
It's beautiful! We think we'll be ordering one sometime this year (depending on our next move). I hope that 2011 beings you all lots of peaceful dreams!
Christine said…
Praise God! I will pray that she stays asleep tonight!
Jenkins said…
Love it! The white looks great!
A hooray for sleeping kids!
Anonymous said…
Shannon - these beds look lovely and so comfy! We continue to pray each night with our kids for your kids for sleep and for rest for you and Matt. When we have difficult nights, I always try to remember what it must be like to have nights that you sometimes face. I hope that isn't a negative thought for you...just a reminder of how strong you are for your children and what a great example you are to others!

Praying for a great night of sleep tonight!


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