Waverly has adjusted beautifully to her own bed!!  She had been sleeping in our bed for part of the night, or recently the entire night, for the past 3+ years.  We opted to have her sleep with us, in order for us all to sleep.  Thankfully, the comfort of her new bed and the inability for her to get out of it to come into our room, has worked wonders.  She isn't even waking in the middle of the night.  I think she realizes she can't leave, so she settles in and sleeps.  We even had to wake her the past 2 mornings for school.

Oliver is now our little waker.  He is at the age when sleep becomes much more difficult for children with Sanfilippo.  He is safe within the confines of his bed, but he is loud.  No crying and he isn't upset.  However, he babbles and shrieks throughout the night.  Wavey is able to sleep through it, Matt & I are learning to sleep through the noise.  The confidence we have that he is safe in his bed, allows us to get some much needed rest.

I feel like I am writing a testimonial for Sleep Safe beds, but they truly have changed our sleeping habits this week.  I am crossing my fingers that it continues.


TheBoyceCrew said…
we too, based on your testimony, are looking into a sleep safe bed for Jayden. We have our medical letter but I am open to any and all "sleep" suggestions! I may even give you a call! Jayden is on our floor, and has been for a year now, and we are ready to figure out a new arrangement, he wakes with "shoutouts" and whines 5-15 times thoughout the night. Your posts are encouraging to say the least!
Jenkins said…
Hooray for the beds! We LOVE ours too because Brayden is so comfortable and safe in it!

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