I took Oliver to the apartment after it had been emptied and cleaned. I wanted to check everything, before we handed over our keys to the management. Oliver was giddy with excitement as we pulled into the parking lot. He ran all the way through the courtyard, giggling as he went. Once I opened the door, he ran throughout the apartment, looking quite confused where everything had gone and thrilled to be able to finally enter the kitchen (we had kept a gate there to keep him out).

We spent about an hour there. Oliver - running around the apartment. Me - taking in the moment. I was actually overcome with emotion. That little apartment was our home for 3.5 years. Waverly & Oliver lived there longer than anywhere else in their lives.

Most parents are sad to see their children grow up...missing their younger days. Since Sanfilippo entered our world, time is much more precious. We try to make memories where ever we go, appreciating the little things. Closing the chapter on the apartment was much more difficult than I thought it would be. Those four walls hold some wonderful memories.

As we closed the door for the last time, Oliver started to cry. He cried all the way from the apartment door to the car. I joined him.

Here is to a new chapter at our new home. May it hold many precious memories for our family.


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