Settling In

Last week was a long, but very busy week. Matt was out of town for work for 5 days, so my mom took the week off to stay with us. Not the best time for a business trip, but we made it work. The week is a bit of a blur for me. I have to drive the kids to/from school now. We wanted to keep them at their current school, but since we are out of the boundaries I have to transport them. So 3 times a day we commute round trip. Thus far it hasn't been too bad. However, I spent a lot more time in the car and a lot more money on gas now.

The weather has been beautiful here!! We spent many afternoons taking walks around the neighborhood and playing in the backyard. We put Waverly's old basketball hoop on the patio. Oliver loves it! We blew a lot of bubbles and did a lot of exploring. I am so excited to *finally* have an outdoor space for our family. It is the best part of the house.

My mom and I spent one day shopping for outdoor furniture. We got a beautiful dining set and some extra seating. It is going to be delivered tomorrow. Matt and I wanted to have plenty of space to entertain outside and we want to eat dinner out there when the weather cooperates. So get ready for some BBQ invites, local friends!!

On Friday my favorite aunt and Nanna came down for a visit. They have both been so supportive and helpful. We were thrilled to finally be able to host them in our home. We had a great weekend. My aunt and I went for pedicures, we got cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcakes, and my cousins and another aunt/uncle came over Saturday to see the house. It was so nice to have room to entertain so many people and we were excited to show people our house.

Everyone left on Sunday. Real life set it and this week we have been working on establishing routines. Matt has been figuring out his commute - it took him 2 hours on Monday to get to work. We hope to tweak that, so he isn't spending 20 hours each week commuting.

Oliver is definitely right at home here now. He has figured out where everything is and seems to love all of the extra space. Thankfully, he is sleeping well in his own room after so many years sharing a room with Waverly.

Waverly is still settling in. She has been *off* the past few weeks. I think a combination of things are working against her - her joints seem to be bothering her (we just started her on a new medication), new house, Daddy was gone for her first week here. She has been crying a lot and whiney - very unlike her.  Her walking has been getting worse and seems to be painful for her at times. In the midst of our joy being in this beautiful new home, we are so sad to see our little girl crying and in pain.


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