The Move

I am going to try to catch up on my blog posts for the past few weeks. So much has happened and time has flown by. Here is a photo of our first van load of boxes. In order to save money, we opted to pack and move all of our boxes ourselves. Each day for the week after we closed on the house, Matt and I made several trips to the house to move boxes. Inside of the house the painters were busy at work. They painted every inch of the interior, replaced doors and trim, and painted the kitchen cabinets (I detested the pickling finish on them). They did a beautiful job!! Here are a few photos.

After the painters finished, we had new carpet installed in the bedrooms. They did a wonderful job and the bedrooms look lovely and incredibly comfy.

Once the carpet was installed we had the new fridge delivered, cable/phone/internet installed and the HVAC ducts cleaned. All done in one incredibly busy day.

And then moving day arrived. Thankfully, Matt took off of work and my dear friend spent the day at the house with me unpacking boxes. It was important to me to get the den and the kids' rooms done as quickly as possible. I wanted to have safe places for Waverly & Oliver. I also wanted the transition to a new home to be as easy as possible for them. My parents came down that night for the weekend. We accomplished a lot on our "to do" list. The house definitely began to feel like a home.


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