We Have Color!!!

The house is looking beautiful!! The painters worked the entire weekend and made a lot of progress. Almost all of the rooms have been fully painted. All of the trim and doors are new. They even made a dutch door to separate the family room from the kitchen - it is adorable and perfect for the kids. They have also painted the kitchen cabinets and they are beautiful. They should be finished by tomorrow. New carpet will be installed on Wednesday and then the bedrooms are going to be perfect.

My parents came down this past weekend. They loved the house and we were so proud to show it to them. My mom - who has the complete opposite taste as I do - even loved the colors we chose. We spent a lot of time pricing and designing the kitchen. It is only currently halfway utilized and doesn't give me a lot of work space. We ended up adding another wall of cabinets and bought a larger fridge. I still have to select a new countertop, which is difficult for me. It is going to take us a few months, but the kitchen is going to be gorgeous when we are finished.

This is going to be a busy week as we finish packing the apartment and move on Friday, but it is exciting.


Christine T. said…
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Aubre and Gary said…
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