Waverly & Oliver - Adjusting

Waverly & Oliver are both adjusting well to their new home.

Waverly spent the two weekends of our move at Jill's House. They were so wonderful to make a special exception for her. She was able to have adventure weekends and we were able to concentrate on all that we needed to do. Her first few days in the house have been okay. She is fairly unsteady on her feet and given the new layout, we are hand holding her. The house is all hardwood flooring and ceramic tile (except for the bedrooms), so I want to be sure her knees are protected. She has been a bit whiney....I think it is frustration in not knowing exactly when is happening. She seems to love her new room and has been sleeping wonderfully.

Oliver has been able to spend a lot more time at the house. He loves it! We had a dutch door installed between the den and the kitchen. That way, I can keep my eye on the kids while they watch tv or play with their toys. There is so much more space for him to run around and he loves having a yard. His first night sleeping here was a bit rough. He was quite confused and cried a lot, so I laid with him until he fell asleep. Since then he has been sleeping beautifully. We have had such beautiful weather - perfect to enjoy our lovely backyard.


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