A Day in the Life of Oliver

It was very quiet Friday morning. Too quiet. I came out to find that Oliver got into the kitchen (I forgot to close the gate). He found a 1 pound bag of M&Ms, somehow opened them and was chowing down. M&Ms were all over the living room and candy coated chocolate was dripping down his face. He began to feverishly shove the candy in his mouth when he saw me. I quickly snapped this photo before cleaning up the mess. He is such a little stinker!!

Friday afternoon, I was able to attend his preschool Thanksgiving Feast. All of the parents were invited for lunch and asked to bring in a favorite food. Oliver was thrilled to eat fresh fruit and pizza - his two favorite foods. He wore his little feather headband in honor of the special day. I had so much fun seeing him among his classmates and with his teachers. He is such a sweet little boy.


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